Vaping is fun and exciting until your vape device suddenly ceases to function! A vape is a battery-operated device that heats Elux legend 3500 puffs and turns them into the steam of vapours. A Aroma king 7000 vape device is easy to use and has straight forward functionality. However, sometimes the device might not work how you want it, or it may leave you with sudden burn hits and dry hits.

Vaping is undoubtedly effortless, and it does not take much of your time. And it becomes 10x more convenient with the help of a simple disposable vape device. But some serious problems badly influence your vaping; one of them is burnt hits.

In this blog, you will find the reasons that cause burn hits to occur and ways to fix them. Navigate through the blog to deeply understand the concept of burn hits and how to prevent them!

Why Does Burn Hit Occur in Disposable Vapes?

A burn hit usually occurs when you take frequent puffs; your coil is not prime properly; your wick is not saturated appropriately; you are vaping without enough e-liquid in the tank or your atomizer runs out of e-liquid. All these factors contribute to the burn hits and provide you with an awful vaping experience.

Do you know What is Burn Hit?

If you haven't experienced a burnt hit and you are wondering what it is or what would it do to you, here read this: Simply put, a burn hit provide your throat with a very acrid and vile hit whose taste remains in your mouth for a longer period. Moreover, it gives your taste buds a very nasty flavour and makes you dizzy and giddy.

Disposable Vapes and Burn Hits

Burn hits have nothing to do with your rechargeable vape devices. You can encounter them even with your Aroma king disposable 3500 vape devices or simple vape pens. There could be many reasons why you face such negative effects from your brand new vape device, some of which are mentioned below:

● Empty Tank

You have purchased a disposal vape device so that it can provide you with seamless vaping, but now you are getting sudden dry and burn hits, and you are clueless about what could go wrong? Take a deep breath. It is normal with vape devices, and it can be avoided.

E-liquids are the actual components that turn into vapours, without them, no vape device can work. When a vape device does not have enough e-liquid in the tank, and you keep on inhaling your vape device, you will experience nasty burn hits that irritate your throat and badly influence your health

● Inadequate Priming of Coil in Open Pod Systems

Coils heat the e-liquid and convert them into vapours. If you are using a disposable vape device, there is no need for you to prime the coils. However, a rechargeable vape device’s coil needs priming.

Priming a coil means adding two to three drops of e-liquids to your wick. Once your prime your coil correctly let it rest for 3 to 5 minutes. After this, you can enjoy your puffs. Not priming the coils accurately could give you burn hits.

● Chain Vaping

When you vape frequently from your disposable or another vape device, you will notice how your e-juice will start vanishing. This will later dry up your wicks(made of cotton fabric)  and you will have a nasty taste of burnt cotton in your mind.


A wrong vaping style could also add to the burn hit. To prevent burn hits completely try to use your disposable vape device adequately and do not overuse it.